3D LiDAR Technology Brought to Mass-Market with a $599 Livox…

3D LiDAR Technology Brought to Mass-Market with a $599 Livox Sensor- news for livoxtech

Mid-40/Mid-100 adopts lower cost semiconductor components for light generation and detection. This sensor also introduces a uniquely-designed low cost signal acquisition method to achieve superior performance. All these factors contribute to an accessible price point – $599 for a single unit of Mid-40.

Livox Mid-40/Mid-100 adopts a large aperture refractive scanning method that utilizes a coaxial design. This approach uses far fewer laser detector pairs, yet maintains the high point density and detection distances. This design dramatically reduces the difficulty of optical alignment during production and enable significant production yield increase.

Powerful and Compact

Mid 40 FOV of 38.4° with a detection range of up to 260 meters (for objects with reflectivity at 80%). 

Mid-100 combines three Mid-40 units internally to form an expansive horizontal FOV of 98.4° (Horizontal) × 38.4° (Vertical). 

The point rate for Mid-40 is 100,000 points/s while for Mid-100 is 300,000 points/s. 

The range precision (1σ @ 20 m) of each sensor is 2 cm and the angular accuracy is < 0.1°.

The Livox Hub is a streamlined way to integrate and manage Livox LiDAR sensors and their data outputs. When using Livox Hub with our LiDAR SDK, you will have unified access to software and hardware, making the development process simplified and efficient. The Livox Hub can access up to 9 LiDAR sensors simultaneously and supports an input range of 10-23V.

The US retail price of a Livox Mid-40 sensor is $599 USD. The Livox Mid-100 sensor is available for $1.499 USD. (Prices in other regions Mid-40/Mid-100: EU €599/€1.499, UK £539/£1.339, JP ¥ 77,490/¥197,100)


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