A Q&A with Cruise’s head of AI, Hussein Mehanna – IEEE…

A Q&A with Cruise’s head of AI, Hussein Mehanna – IEEE Spectrum

Cruises headcount grew from around 1000 in the beginning of 2019, now that number is up to 1500, and by the end of this year it’s expected to reach about 2000. This is not including ~200 tech workers in Seattle.

“I believe autonomous vehicle technologies is the most difficult AI problem out there. The magnitude of the challenge of these problems is 1000 times more than other problems. They aren’t as well understood yet, and they require far deeper technology. And also the quality at which they are expected to operate is off the roof.

The autonomous vehicle problem is the engineering challenge of our generation. There’s a lot of code to write, and if we think we are going to hire armies of people to write it line by line, it’s not going to work. Machine learning can accelerate the process of generating the code, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have engineers; we actually need a lot more engineers.”


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