Arm unveils image processor for driver assistance and automation

Arm unveils image processor for driver assistance and automation:

The first licensee for the tech is Intel’s Mobileye, which is licenses the Mali-C78AE and the next-generation EyeQ technology.

Mali-C78AE is designed specifically to address both human and machine vision safety applications, and is able to process data from up to four
real-time or 16 virtual cameras.

It should take 150 milliseconds to acquire an image at the sensor, process it through the ISP then GPU, and display it on a screen for the driver; anything longer is noticeable to the driver when using parking assist, for example. In a machine vision application, a vehicle should not travel more than 250 millimeters between a camera image being acquired and it being presented to the decision-making processing and anything longer means the machine vision system is too slow to react in driving situations where accurate and timely decisions are critical.

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