Bosch Demos New Systems To Improve Autonomous Vehicle Safety, Performance

Bosch Demos New Systems To Improve Autonomous Vehicle Safety, Performance:

Bosch demonstrated its Vehicle Motion and Positioning System (VMPS), using a host of sensors to one-up the performance of systems using only GPS. It’s a combination of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) position signals, correction data (to overcome any inaccuracies in satellite data signals as they make their way to the ground) and information from the inertial sensors, the wheel-speed sensors, and the steering-angle sensor. It all feeds into a high-performance receiver.

It’s an innovation that will help advance the performance and safety in vehicles equipped with any level of automation.

For automated technologies, it is paramount that vehicles are able to localize themselves down to the centimeter at any time.

Another technology aimed at improving performance in vehicles equipped with automated driver assist systems (ADAS) and eventually fully automated cars and trucks is Bosch’s Integrated Power Brake, also making its North American debut at Thursday’s media event.

The company says this system accomplishes two goals: faster braking and improved fuel economy. Unlike today’s hydraulic systems, the Integrated Power Brake operates without a traditional vacuum booster, combining the booster system with the electronic stability program into one unit. When the driver hits the brake pedal a sensor, yes, another sensor, detects how far his or her foot has pressed and and pressure to the brakes is applied by electronic motor. It saves fuel by allowing regenerative braking–recharging the battery as the vehicle slows down.

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