Bringing 3D perimeter lidar to partners – Waymo – MediumFour of…

Bringing 3D perimeter lidar to partners – Waymo – Medium

Four of these sensors can be found on Waymo’s vehicles, on the front and rear, and one on each front fender. It can see 95 degrees and since it spins it can see 360 degrees around although it is using less when mounted on the body of a vehicle.

Velodyne also introduced its own short-range lidar sensor called the Veladome. with a 180 x 180-degree field of view. 

It can detect objects right up against the sensor and maximum sensing range  probably 50 feet. It can get multiple return points from each sensor pulse although it has not explained how.

For now, it appears that Waymo is only making its sensors available to companies outside of the automated driving sector and no pricing has been announced. There are many potential applications of a sensor like this including security, robotics and agriculture.

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