64th Company With California Test License – The… 64th Company With California Test License – The Last Driver License Holder…

The company is based in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Fremont, and conducted first road tests in China in Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chongqing. DeepRoute develops software and hardware for L4 self-driving, with them aim of offering a full-stack solution

The company has raised 50 million dollars in a Series A round from Fosun RZ Capital, GoldenSand Capital, Yunqi Partners, Ventech China, and Green Pine Capital Partners.

DeepRoute seems to have ties with Zhou Guang as a founder, who was a former co-founder of, which came into the news after Guang was accused by his co-founders of taking kickbacks during fundraising and successively kicked out of the company. Though the website is still up and Roadstar listed on the California DMV list as permit holder, the company was reportedly liquidate in March, according to this report. The latest news update on the company site is from January 2019.

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