DENSO launches its Smart Mobility Ecosystem in Dublin, Ohio |…

DENSO launches its Smart Mobility Ecosystem in Dublin, Ohio | Telematics News

DENSO is currently working with the following partners in Ohio to implement its Smart Mobility Ecosystem:

  • The City of Dublin, an innovative municipality that will beta-test a strategically targeted transportation corridor that includes both roundabouts and signalized intersections.
  • The Ohio State University, whose researchers at its center for Automotive Research will provide a range of smart mobility solutions, including data services and analytics.
  • Connected Signals, creators of predictive V2I technology that makes cars, transit, pedestrians, and cyclists safer and more fuel-efficient.
  • DERQ USA, an AI platform developer that integrates with existing traffic and sensor systems and powers real-time advanced analytics and connected vehicle safety applications to help cities and road authorities eliminate road accidents and better manage traffic.
  • No Traffic, an AI-powered traffic signal platform that solves today‚Äôs traffic management challenges while preparing cities for the connected and autonomous era.

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