Eclipse Foundation Launches openMobility Working Group

Eclipse Foundation Launches openMobility Working Group:

Technology from German Aerospace Center powers new Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) technology through Eclipse Foundation for creating real-world traffic simulation and modeling in 3D

The openMobility Working Group, openPASS (frameworks and modules for simulating advanced driver assistance and automated driving) and openMDM (tools and systems for the standardized management of measured data) aim to:

  • Share intellectual property without the threat of antitrust and regulatory challenges;
  • Enable the creation of a common open platform for automotive and transportation software quality assurance and testing;
  • Share costs and innovation below the value line and focus on investing scarce resources on building differentiated features;
  • Accelerate product development and thereby improve time-to-revenue;
  • Leverage open collaboration as a force multiplier for members at a time of a huge developer shortage, sharing engineering resources versus redundant hiring of talent to do the same work in vendor silos;
  • Enable ecosystem participants alike to safely collaborate across value chains and industries to develop new business models and revenue streams.

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