Frontier Tech Spotlight: Baidu’s Work on Autonomous…

Frontier Tech Spotlight: Baidu’s Work on Autonomous Vehicles | Loup Ventures

Waymo drove over 10M autonomous miles in October 2018 and has several hundred riders enrolled in its self-driving car service in suburban Phoenix. 

Apollo is widely viewed as being 3 to 4 years behind Waymo. The company began testing its software on public roads in late 2017. 

Apollo site lists 130 partners including Volvo, VW, Daimler, Hyundai, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Intel, and Nvidia. Apollo outlines their progress on the following roadmap. Apollo reached urban road autonomous driving in Jan. 2019 and expects to achieve Level 4 autonomy in 2021.

Expectation is to have a fleet of 100 autonomous taxis operating in China in 2019 and Baidu has also built a fleet of 100 self-driving buses in China via its partnership with King Long.

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