GM faces hurdles trying to launch large-scale robotaxi fleet by…

GM faces hurdles trying to launch large-scale robotaxi fleet by end of 2019

“Everybody in the industry underestimated how hard a problem this was going to be, and I think GM probably was a little overambitious,” said Sam Abuelsamid, a principal research analyst at Navigant Research. “It’s a mix of … a harder problem to solve and they’re just not making the progress they had hoped for.”

Several reports have come up that GM’s vehicles have had unexpected problems and software glitches, including shutdowns of the autonomous control system. In October, Reuters reported that Cruise vehicles were struggling to identify pedestrians and determine whether objects on the road were moving or stationary, among other issues.

GM target was to launch a ride-hailing service at scale this year, but it seems it won’t meet the deadline. This will add to several other missed goals; testing in New York City and increasing vehicle testing to a pace of 1 million miles a month by early 2018.

Waymo, is currently offering a limited autonomous ride-hailing service to the public, via its Waymo One service, in the Phoenix area in December 2018.

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