GM’s Cruise is preparing for a self-driving future in the…

GM’s Cruise is preparing for a self-driving future in the cloud | VentureBeat

According to marketing firm ABI, as many as 8 million driverless cars will be added to the road in 2025. 

Cruise is considered a  leader in the AV sector and it’s driven more miles than most — around 450,000 in California last year and it’s repeatedly promised to launch a commercial service this year that would feature as many as 2,600 driverless cars without steering wheels, brake pedals, and accelerators.

However, in a report last year citing sources “with direct knowledge of Cruise’s technology,” The Information alleged that Cruise’s San Francisco vehicles are still repeatedly involved in accidents or near-accidents and that it’s likely a decade before they come into wide use in major cities. Anecdotally, one VentureBeat reporter experienced a close call while crossing the road in front of a Cruise test vehicle in San Francisco.

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