Image Sensors World: LiDAR News: Lumotive, LeiShen, CoreDAR,…

Image Sensors World: LiDAR News: Lumotive, LeiShen, CoreDAR, Hitachi

Lumotive leverages Himax’s unique, tailor-made LCOS process to convert semiconductor chips into dynamic displays that steer laser pulses based on the light-bending principles of metamaterials.

Lumotive’s LiDAR systems offer performance advantages, including a combination of:

  • Large optical aperture (25 x 25 mm) which delivers long range
  • 120-degree FoV with high angular resolution
  • Fast, random-access beam steering

Leishen Intelligent System presents its broad range of low-cost LiDARs. An automotive grade hybrid LiDAR CH16 3D is priced at $599 in quantities of 10,000

CoreDAR presents its tiny LiDAR concept:

Hitachi presents its view on LiDAR’s role in smart city applications

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