In Spite Of Hype, 5G Cellular Is Not That Important For Robocars

In Spite Of Hype, 5G Cellular Is Not That Important For Robocars:

Make no mistake. Robocars will be using communications. And when they use them, of course they will make use of what bandwidth and capabilities they make available. Robocar designers are working to make use of them, not depend on them – or at least not to depend on high-bandwidth services for essential functions. The brains of a car won’t sit in a cell tower, driving you by radio, or that cars can rely on all the other cars, pedestrians and deer to dependably broadcast their positions, saving the need to perceive them with sensors. 

Remote operations centers are a potential bandwidth users. In general, these operations centers do not remotely drive the cars. Rather they give them strategic commands, like “Go ahead 200 feet and turn right.” Local systems on the car worry about doing that safely. There are some companies, particularly in trucking, who hope to have full remote operation over radio, but they mostly plan this for limited areas where they can build or confirm that the communications are reliable enough.

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