Innovusion Announces Its High-Resolution Image-Grade LiDAR…

Innovusion Announces Its High-Resolution Image-Grade LiDAR System “Cheetah”, Enabling the Safest Performance in the Vehicle Mobility Industry | Business Wire

  • Detection range of 200 meters on objects with 10% reflectivity
  • Clearly detecting objects out to 280 meters
  • 1550nm laser
  • Resolution of 300 vertical pixels, while simultaneously maintaining a frame rate of 10Hz
  • Picture like resolution of 0.13 deg over 40 deg vertical FOV and 0.14 deg resolution over 100 deg horizontal FOV.
  • Power consumption under 40W, said to be the most energy efficient system of any high- performance LiDAR currently available.
  • Sensor head dimension 112 mm (h) x 145 mm (w) x 105 mm(d), with a roadmap to substantially reduce the future footprint and formfactor
  • Single unit price is $35,000 for small quantities

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