Intel lays off dozens from autonomous vehicle program,…

Intel lays off dozens from autonomous vehicle program, acquires 

Eonite Perception

LiDAR startup

Intel confirmed the layoffs to The Information, characterizing the strategy as a “realignment of resources” designed to bolster its autonomous vehicle operation in Israel. So it seems that the layoffs were mostly in the legacy Intel based unit and that Intel is consolidating its efforts  around Mobileye. Mobileye had ~600 employees at the time it was acquired, and now estimated about 1200, 

Intel, through Mobileye,  acquired in DEc 2018 Eonite Perception, a Palo Alto startup that develops software for LiDAR-based 3D mapping and tracking. The purchase will allow Intel to move from optical systems (cameras) to the more accurate LiDAR technology in use by some industry competitors.

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