Long-range LiDAR sensor operates to 250 meters |…

Long-range LiDAR sensor operates to 250 meters | FierceElectronics

Blickfeld has launched a MEMS-based LiDAR sensor for extended detection of objects at a distance of up to 250 meters. Combined with the company’s previously introduced Blickfeld Cube, Blickfeld now offers a full LiDAR suite for autonomous vehicles. The older Cube solid-state LiDAR sensor has a range of 150 meters with 10% reflection. It exhibits an resolution of 0.18 in. By precisely generating a dense 3D point cloud and then evaluating it in real time using Blickfeld’s software stack.

Blickfeld’s sensor comprises a proprietary silicon MEMS mirror embedded in a coaxial structure that is based on commercial standard components.



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