Mobileye Founder Stands In Contrast To Musk On Automated…

Mobileye Founder Stands In Contrast To Musk On Automated Driving

Mobileye take a camera centric-approach and adds radars and lidars for redundancy. 

Mobileye also uses REM – HD maps to aid in precise localization of the vehicle. The system collects data from vehicle cameras to build these maps and Mobileye expects 25 million vehicles to be contributing data by 2022.

Shashua expects Level 4 systems that can operate safely without human input will remain costly and regulations are still a challenge for some time. With that in mind, and urban robotaxis that are geofenced to specific areas to be the way forward for this technology in the near term. That’s why Mobileye and Intel are developing platforms to deploy this starting with a pilot launched last fall in Tel Aviv.

While Shashua doesn’t give a specific timeline, that’s probably not going to happen until well into the 2020s .

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