Nissan Takes On Tesla With Hands-Free ProPILOT 2.0 – The…

Nissan Takes On Tesla With Hands-Free ProPILOT 2.0 – The Drive

Old, but added some more details:

Nissan secured permission from Japan’s usually extremely stringent MLIT regulator for ProPILOT2.0 drivers to hand the driving completely to the car, as long as it scoots down one of the country’s many (not so) freeways.

“navigated driving” – upon activation using a predefined route, Nissan’s system will assist the driver with traveling on a multi-lane highway until reaching the highway exit on a predefined route — helping to handle passing, lane diversions and lane exiting. 

MLIT did not want to allow lane changes without asking the driver first, though a Nissan manager whispered: “We could, but they don’t let us,”

Nissan’s ProPilot2.0 has a forward-looking radar, and seven cameras in addition to an array of ultrasonic sensors. 

For extra redundancy, the ProPilot2.0 car also has four shorter range side millimeter wave radars.

The cameras are tri-focal – equipped with a wide-angle lens, a telephoto, and something in-between.

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