Personal experience with Ford and Argo AI in Miami

Examples in the article:

…beginning to change lanes to the right and detected a car coming up in the adjacent lane at a higher speed. The AV aborted the lane change, moving back left into the current lane and let the other car pass.

Another car coming from our right made a right turn against a red light directly in front of us. The AV braked fairly hard, avoiding a collision

Making At an unprotected left turn near midtown Miami

Detecting a pair of pedestrians jaywalking across its path

Ford is on its way to creating what seems to be as good an AV system as any out there with smoother operation than much of what I’ve felt from several of its top competitors.  Even a good human driver would be challenged by multiple unprotected left turns, jay walkers, cyclists going the wrong way and more.

Ford plans to have expanded into multiple cities beyond Miami and Washington DC and we will likely hear more announcements through 2019 and 2020.

Ford and Argo AI give their look at how they are building a business around automated driving in Miami


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