Renesas sets the course for autonomous driving | eeNews…

Renesas sets the course for autonomous driving | eeNews Automotive

R-Car is one of the leading platforms with a large ecosystem – in fields such as sensor data processing, sensor fusion, ADAS and automated driving.

The next version, R-Car-Next is expected to populate cars with SoP (Start of Production) in 2022, which claims it beats Nvidia’s Xavier platform and Mobileye’s solution in power and AI performance. 

Various variants of the Next Gen R-Car Vx processors are to be launched from 2020 to 2022, covering the market for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Features of this generation are the use of the latest CPU cores Enyo from Arm (up to eight cores) as well as a powerful AI engine. Designed as a Convolutional Neuronal Network, this engine will deliver up to 60 Tera Ops. And yes, the Next Gen R-Car Vx will be upward compatible from the current V3M / V3H versions.

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