Solving The Loneliness Epidemic Via Self-Driving CarsScientific…

Solving The Loneliness Epidemic Via Self-Driving Cars

Scientific and psychological reasoning infers how the advent of driverless cars could battle loneliness :

• Ridesharing Sharing. More people might opt to rideshare together, more so than today, and thus you might encounter other people while ridesharing, gaining new friends, or being more face-to-face with existing friends or colleagues. It could chop away at the loneliness pillar.

• Group Interaction Inside. People will carry on meetings within a self-driving car.

• Remote Group Interaction. Telepresence and AR/VR capability can allow someone that might be alone inside a self-driving car to interact with other people elsewhere. Take another notch off the loneliness stone.

• Ease Of Transport. Removing a barrier to getting out of your home is lessened. It reduces the mobility friction that nurtures loneliness.

• AI Driver Can Be Your Friend. It is anticipated that AI systems in the car will incorporate empathetic computing that can gauge your emotions and respond to you in a seemingly emotion-based manner. Your AI driving system might get to know you better than your human friends.

Each of those above aspects can be a separate means to mitigate loneliness.

If you combine them together, you have an array of loneliness reducers that might be potent enough to make a dent in loneliness.

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