Tower makes beam-steering IC for LumotiveLumotive was founded in…

Tower makes beam-steering IC for Lumotive

Lumotive was founded in 2017 to develop solid-state LiDAR for the automotive industry based on metamaterials deployed with semiconductor chips. The liquid crystal metasurface allows an incident laser beam to be reflected in a programmable direction, depending on the electronic configuration of the metamaterial elements on the surface of the chip. 

The system will be available for prototype testing in 4Q19, Tower said.

The IC uses Tower’s 130nm CMOS process with copper in the back-end-of-line customized to meet Lumotive’s optical performance requirements. This includes optimized lithography and custom dielectrics.

Lumotive’s lidar also makes use of a custo silicon photomultiplier sensor made use single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) technology from Tower.

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