Uber’s 250 autonomous cars have driven…

Uber’s 250 autonomous cars have driven ‘millions’ of miles and transported ‘tens of thousands’ of passengers | VentureBeat

Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) — the group heading up development of its driverless solutions — has grown from a team of 40 Pittsburgh-based researchers in 2015 to a 1,000-person workforce spread across offices in San Francisco and elsewhere. It incurred $457 million of research and development expenses in 2018, a year after Uber opened an ATG unit in Toronto and said it would invest more than $150 million to grow its self-driving car and AI operations there. (That’s up from $384 million in 2017 and $230 million in 2016.) And Uber revealed that it’s collected data from “millions” of autonomous vehicle testing miles to date and completed “tens of thousands” of passenger trips with a fleet of 250 vehicles.


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