Velodyne’s Godfather Of Laser Sensors Hits $500 Million…

Velodyne’s Godfather Of Laser Sensors Hits $500 Million Milestone, Sets His Sights On Safer Self-Driving Cars

Velodyne shipped 30,000 LiDARs since it started making them, generating cumulative sales of $500 million,

“I don’t see an urgency to expand our Level 4, Level 5 offerings, whereas we’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm for blind spot and the ADAS stuff. … You can get some much bigger revenue from this path than you can with the Level 4, Level 5 today.”

Its highly automated 200,000-square-foot “megafactory” in San Jose, California, gave it more production capacity than any competitor—for now at least. 

Nikon is also setting up a lidar assembly line in Japan in partnership with Velodyne, and it has a strategic licensing deal with Veoneer, a unit of Swedish auto parts giant Autoliv, to help boost production of its sensors to millions of units a year worldwide, Hall said.

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