(via Habana Labs launches its Gaudi AI training processor |…

(via Habana Labs launches its Gaudi AI training processor | TechCrunch)

Gaudi will be available as a standard PCIe card that supports eight ports of 100Gb Ethernet, as well as a mezzanine card that is compliant with the relatively new Open Compute Project accelerator module specs. This card supports either the same ten 100GB Ethernet ports or 20 ports of 50Gb Ethernet. The company is also launching a system with eight of these mezzanine cards.

“The CPU and GPU architecture started from solving a very different problem than deep learning. The GPU, almost by accident, happened to be just better because it has a higher degree of parallelism. However, if you start from a clean sheet of paper and analyze what a neural network looks like, you can, if you put really smart people in the same room […] come up with a better architecture.” That’s what Habana did for its Goya processor and it is now taking what it learned from this to Gaudi.


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