Yamaha and Sony Build the Golf Cart Toyota Didn’

Yamaha and Sony Build the Golf Cart Toyota Didn’:

The cart’s lithium-ion polymer electric, autonomous, it has regen-brakes, and is studded with an array of sensors (camera, ultrasonic, and LIDAR) that would put a Tesla Model 3 to a painful shame.

At the inside, it has a huge 49 inch 4K LCD monitor. At the outside, the SC-1 comes with four 55 inch 4K monitors.

The vehicle can reach a top speed of 19 km/h.

Sony and Yamaha sell the vehicle as “an entertainment space unmatched by any traditional vehicle, aiming to provide a more enjoyable low-speed mobility value to occupants and people nearby.”  The passengers will be offered age- and gender-appropriate “route guidance, store information, entertainment, news streaming, advertisements, etc.”  What people nearby can watch on those huge 55-inchers is still under wraps, most likely it will be advertising to monetize the cart.


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